EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (January 14, 2015) – The recent restructuring by major global lighting companies will allow LED makers to raise capital for investments in 2015. According to “Top Lighting and LEDs Trends for 2015,” a new white paper issued by the IHS (NYSE: IHS), last year’s restructuring could lead to improved margins for leading […]

Published on:February 28, 2015

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ATLANTA – A newly revised standard from ASHRAE and IES seeks to provide greater guidance and a more comprehensive approach to retrofit of existing buildings for increased energy efficiency. Published this week, ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 100-2015, Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings, …….Read More

Published on:February 25, 2015

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As the world becomes more concerned about carbon emissions and energy consumption, the overall efficiency of commercial buildings will remain a key area of focus. The processes and products used by buildings in 2015 will keep evolving as manufacturers, integrators and building owners continue to experiment in order to find better ways of cutting wasteful […]

Published on:February 18, 2015

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Energy costs represents approximately 20% of a building’s operating costs. With increasing electricity prices and volatile natural gas prices, energy costs are becoming an increasing part of the costs of owning and running a building. As a result, managing a building’s energy has become an important issue for many building owners and property managers. How […]

Published on:February 9, 2015

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