Energitix provides professional energy management, decarbonization, and sustainability consulting services to utilities, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and institutions.

Our goal is to help our clients effectively manage and reduce their energy costs.

We help electric and gas utilities develop demand side management (DSM) and energy efficiency programs targeted to industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential customers. These programs help utilities shape their load profile and supply energy to their customers cost effectively and help utility customers reduce their energy costs.

We can act as the owner’s engineer for our clients and manage the project implementation on their behalf. This can include preparing the request for proposal, evaluation of the proposals, site and contractor surpervison to ensure client requirements are met.

We conduct electric and gas utility rate analysis to ensure our clients are on the most cost effective utility rate.

We help our clients understand how they use energy by helping them establish an energy accounting system to track their energy use and establish energy benchmarks for client facilities to assess the energy performance of each facility compared to historic energy performance and to other facilities.

We conduct on-site energy audits in accordance with ASHRAE guidelines to identify and recommend energy efficiency opportunities for our clients. We can customise the level of detail in the energy audit to meet our client’s budget and needs.

We help our clients identify and prioritize energy efficiency measures by conducting simple payback, life cycle cost, and ROI analysis.

We help our clients track and verify their energy savings by developing a measurement and verification plan for our clients in accordance with IPMVP guidelines.

We help our clients minimize their project costs by identifying utility and government incentives for energy efficiency projects and helping our clients qualify for these incentives.

We help our clients with GHG management and climate change assessment. We can help you with:

  • Carbon offset project origination, verification, validation
  • Carbon offset methodology development
  • Third party review of carbon offset proposals
  • Quantification of the benefits of various GHG mitigation technologies and projects
GHG Management climate change environmental management carbon off set

About Us

Energitix was founded by Bijan Pourkarimi in 2003. Bijan is a professional engineer with over 28 years of energy management experience.


Energitix provides professional energy management, decarbonization, and sustainability services to utilities, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients.


We have successfully completed many projects for our clients. Our projects include DSM program development utilities and energy audits.


Contact us for a free no obligation assessment of how to save money and improve your bottom line by managing your energy use effectively.

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