10 energy saving tips for your buildings during the COVID-19 shutdown

Posted on: April 28th, 2020 by Energitix

Energy saving tips for your buildings during the COVID-19 shutdown

COVID-19 has resulted in many different challenges in all business sectors. Many businesses have to manage their buildings remotely, but they also have to reduce costs and save energy in buildings during the shutdown.

We would like to offer you 10 tips to help you manage your energy use during the shutdown and save some money.

  1. Reorganise the workstation to optimise the spaces that are used.
  2. Adjust the lighting and HVAC schedules according to the new needs of each plant or work area.
  3. If you do not have a Building Managements System or control system, reprogram the timers in the electrical panels.
  4. Consider turning off the outdoor advertising lights because there are no people in the streets.
  5. Adjust the heating and cooling temperature set points to match the current demand of the building.
  6. Consider carrying out maintenance tasks that improve the performance of equipment, such as cleaning or changing air filters.
  7. Move all refrigerated products to a one cold room and shut down the rest.
  8. Shut down the exhaust fans in the bathrooms and other rooms that are not used, so they do not come on periodically.
  9. Check and replace all the old fluorescent lamps that do not work properly. These may be the lamps that do not generate enough light, or flicker, or have dark spots at the ends.
  10. Use your energy management software to give feedback on the results obtained through weekly reports in order to motivate the whole team involved in the project.

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